Actions in our every day life contribute towards climate change. If we are conscious of how our activities impact the environment, then we can make positive differences in our every day activities to decrease our impact on climate change.


Green house gases (GHGs) are a natural component of our planet and includes gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The earth gets heat from the sun and GHGs play an important role of trapping this heat which allows our planet to be warm enough for us to live and survive on.

However, we are increasing the amount of GHGs that are getting emitted into the atmosphere as a result of increasing demand and use of fossil fuels. The majority of Oman’s energy is generated from natural gas which is a fossil fuel. This powers activities in our day to day lives including; driving cars, using computers, flying on a plane, heating our water.

The increase in GHGs emissions increases the amount of heat that is trapped which also leads to environmental issues including global warming and climate change. Signs of climate change include increasing temperatures, more frequent and powerful storms (eg. Gonu and Phet) and more frequent extreme weather events.


The impact of a changing climate is influencing species such as coral reefs (increasing sea surface temperatures leading to coral bleaching) leading to loss of habitat for marine life, icebergs melting sooner (loss of polar bear habitat), and even impacts human beings (loss of coastal land as result of sea level rise - rising temperature, melting glaciers, higher levels of water).

In order to minimize our individual contributions to GHGs emissions we should work towards decreasing our energy consumption - this can be done by ensuring that we turn our lights off when we leave the room, setting our ACs to appropriate temperatures (or not using when not needed), only filling our tea kettle for the number of cups you plan on consuming, using energy efficient light bulbs, carpooling.

By working collectively, our little actions can make a big difference at changing climate change! Click here for more information on how you can save energy in your organisation!

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